1. Who are we?

 We are Brisbane’s first steam massage clinic. Steam massage is an extremely popular concept in China, and we are the first store to have combined traditional massage therapy with highly-innovative technology (steam massage and spa capsule).

 2. History

Steam massage was developed more than 2000+ years ago in ancient Chinese history. Steam massage was most the effective way to treat disease, improve health and release stress.

3. What are the benefits of steam massage?

Steaming is a deep cleansing treatment for the skin. It increases circulation and metabolism, adds moisture to the skin and helps remove oil and toxins from unclogged pores. Body fat becomes water soluble at 109 degrees, according to Cynthia Phillips and colleagues in the book “100 Ways to Supercharge Your Metabolism.” The steam room temperature of 114 degrees enables fat to become water soluble, which Phillips says makes it possible to sweat out excess fat.

4. How does it work?

The steam continuously stimulates the pores, allowing the Chinese traditional medicine or essential oils (we have many types to choose from depending on your situation) to be absorbed into the skin for maximum results.

5. Is it necessary to use body steam while doing body massages

No, it is not necessary to use body steam as massage only option is available. Body steam is a special option we provide and we strongly recommend it as it will maximise full results with the massage therapy. Similar to foot steam, our highly innovative unique steam massage therapy beds are able to combine professional massage and steam with essential oils and herbal medicine that can maximise full benefits.

6.  What type of body massages are there?

There are three (3) types of body massages to choose from and they are acupressure, aromatherapy and remedial.

Acupressure is the most traditional way of Chinese massage using special techniques and you can leave your clothes on.

Aromatherapy involves using special essential oils to massage the body. There are two types; deep tissue involves heavy techniques suitable for people who like heavy pressue and relaxation which is the basic massage with oil and is often light to medium pressure.

Remedial can be acupressure or aromatherapy but with this type you can claim health rebate. Remedial massage can be helpful in treating specific areas of muscle tension caused by stress or injury, however it can also be used for general relaxation and well being.

7.  How is Happy Feet “Foot Steam Spa” different from normal reflexology?

Traditional foot steam spa was established more than 2000+ years ago and is still extremely popular in China today. Our standard foot steam spa is 15 minutes and we use the most traditional method with the right foot steam timbre bucket.  Enjoy and relax in your seat, while you steam your feet with a selection of Chinese traditional medicine and essential oils, depending on your circumstance. Studies have shown it is highly effective and steaming increases results by stimulating the blood circulation and absorbing the special medicine leading to better health.

8.  How is Happy Feet “Reflexology” different from other reflexology.

All our reflexology includes 15 minute foot steam spa which provide maximum results and benefits. Each time before you start, you will receive 15 minute of foot steam spa to relax your feet and stimulate the pores with a type of traditional medicine or essential oil. Therefore, when reflexology massage is performed, your feet muscles will be in full relaxation and treated properly.

9.  What is the Happy Feet “Special Birthday VIP offer” about?

To thank you for your loyalty and support, we are offering all customers 20% off ALL services on the day of their birthday. Simply present a valid photo ID on your special day to one of our friendly receptionist at any of our store locations and let us spoil and pamper you!